About Us

Kelley Sinclair is our lead vocalist (and occasionally has been known to play harmonica and percussion). She hails from Michigan, but has lived and performed in several regions of the U.S., most recently the Los Angeles area. Kelley is a gifted singer and consummate performer, covering such challenging vocalists as Aretha Franklin, Nikka Costa, Gladys Knight, and Bonnie Raitt with skill and grace. Kelley is also a songwriter, and a talented visual artist. She has been gathering quite a following in Montana and throughout the region, and is fast becoming regarded as one of the most recognized and distinctive vocalists around.
Doug Denton is one of the original members of Gladys Friday.  He has been a staple in the western Montana music scene for many years. Doug has toured and performed throughout the United States and abroad since the 1970s. He sings and plays bass guitar (and occasional drums) with GF. He has worked with the Southern Comfort band for many years as a vocalist, drummer, and bass player. Doug also has a successful Karaoke business with his wife, Debbie, and plays guitar and bass in the acoustic country trio, "FlipSide". GF is lucky to have "DougieD" keeping its backbone thriving every show.
Doug Ruhman has lived in Montana since the early 1980s, but is originally from the New England area, where he was a solo performer and songwriter. He is the rhythm and lead guitarist, as well as a backing vocalist for Gladys Friday. Doug has worked with several western Montana - based bands over the years, including the Full Moon Prophets and the Ruminators. He also has been known to play the drums from time to time, and has written some original songs for GF. Doug also performs in the acoustic duo "Lil' Gladys" with Kelley Sinclair, and teaches at Salish Kootenai College.
Karla Gallatin is the keyboardist and backup singer for Gladys Friday.  Karla has been involved in the music scene in the Mission Valley for several years including working with the school choirs and most recently the band Mega Karma. She enjoys arranging, writing music and expanding her knowledge of all things music.